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CRO - What to expect

You’re probably tired of the cooking references, but here’s another one.  

When a chef finds something he loves, he tries to perfect that single dish with as many attempts as he can to get that perfect *IT CAN NOT, WILL NOT* – get better than this moment!

Your website is the dish you are trying to perfect, and reaching this point means successful conversions. 

CRO, also known as conversion rate optimization is a way of testing out what isn’t working and most importantly WHY.

Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis

If you have low conversions, get a deeper perspective with the qualitative & quantitative analysis. 

Remember, conversion isn’t restricted to just swiping the credit card. Clients signing up, leaving a comment, and sending an email is also conversion. 

We can help you find out.

Reverse engineering

For some reason, we always find something about our competitors to be more enthralling. 

We have a way around that too! 

Reverse engineering, a.k.a competitor analysis helps you gain a better perspective of why their website has successful conversions and what can you do to make yours work.

Google Analytics Review

We can break down the data from Google Analytics including details about view bounce rate, exit pages, CPC, etc. This can also indicate that it is time to update or even change your data.

SEO & Audits

Regular content audits, social media audits, and SEO audits are a great way to analyze gaps and opportunities.  

We can help you do this for your data as well as your competitors.

A/B & Multivariate Testing

CRO services include testing your website through different methods. This can prove to be extremely beneficial as you can derive data-driven strategies to gain more conversions. 

CRO Testing

Running regular CRO tests till you reach your desired business goals can help you know that you are right on track! 

CRO - The Magic Room

The Meeting

We will set up a meeting so you can get a chance to talk to our project manager. You can discuss your KPIs and business goals while the manager walks you through the next steps.


Based on your key performance indicators our strategic team will come up with a CRO framework that has the tendency to produce the best results for your website.


Once we discuss the framework with you, we will put it to the test.


We will provide you with a report of the CRO findings and recommend changes when and where needed. However, it is advised that when it comes to CRO, it is best that you continue regular tests till you reach your desired goal. 

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