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We all know that the top results, that fall in the category of Google’s three pack, are considered to be informational, reliable & viable. And that is why a majority of people do not even bother to check out other results.  

Generating power pages or powerful content can help you secure these top positionsBy the power vested in us for being able to successfully do SEO blogging & produce conversion-driven healthcare content, we are happy to call ourselves the best in the industry!

Power Pages - What to expect

Increased Web Traffic

How many times have you been redirected to a blog post upon asking a simple medical or health-related question?

Healthcare SEO content writing plays a vast, no, a HUGE role in driving traffic towards a website.

Let’s just say that we have the tools that can do the same for your business!

Content Strategies

Once we get a hold of your brand’s goals & objectives, we come up with a gripping  healthcare content strategy that resonates well with your business. 

Foundational Content

Have you ever noticed how dicing an onion produces a number of onion rings that can be individually deep-fried and you get to enjoy the same flavor and crispiness with each piece?

In the same way, your healthcare content, or rather, your blog posts can be diced up into various segments that can become the foundation of producing more content.

SEO Incorporation

The best healthcare marketing companies know that incorporating healthcare SEO keywords in the metadata and titles in a strategic and natural way can work wonders when it comes to ranking.

Blog Publishing

You just sit back and relax, we’ll take care of this too! 

From creating the blog to adding striking, creative visuals to publishing it, we will tend to everything.

Power Pages - The Magic Room


A manager will be assigned to you so all your content marketing needs can be catered to.

The manager assigned to you will ask you about your brand image and the type of content you want to promote. 

We’d also like to know what type of services you’d like to highlight and if you have any specific keywords in mind that you’d like us to work on.

The Conceptualization 

There are people who like to go where the wind takes them, and then there are people who look down on such people because when you have a goal, the wind won’t take you, only you will take you. 

Similarly, healthcare content marketing requires a strategic plan to stand out rather than depending on your impulse. 

That’s what we do here. Once you have discussed your goals, our content team develops a plan to entice your audience and keep them engaged.

The Plotting 

Our creative team will lay out a 2-month content strategy that will highlight the main SEO keywords and possible blog topics that work the best with your brand.

We would also like for you to review this plan before our creatives get cracking at it.

The Disbursing 

Is an achievement even an achievement if you keep it hidden away? 

After the blogs are published on your website we would also like to share them on other social media networks so you can attract a higher audience.

The Commencement 

Once you are satisfied with the presented content plan (and you will be), we will produce blog posts that (if you want) you can review before they are published for the whole world to see.

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