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Email Marketing - What to expect

Persuading content

Do you know how many emails end up in the spam folder on average? Quite a few! 

Where emails are a great way to communicate with your audience, they won’t do you any good from the spam folder.

Our email marketing can stop that from happening! Not only this but with the use of interesting subject lines,  direct messages & prominent CTAs we can actually help you increase your conversions.

Compelling visuals

After decades of scrolling content through social media apps, our brains have been wired to process visuals faster than we do the written stuff. 

Not only this but visuals have a way of getting to us and appealing to us emotionally. 

We use all sorts of compelling visuals (images, videos, gifs, etc. ) to make sure that your message gets through. 

Target Audience

When it comes to email marketing, your best chance of getting noticed is when you reach your target audience’s email folder.

We have an extremely high delivery rate and a healthy reputation with email providers which can help your get there.

A/B Testing

Imagine you have two incredibly brilliant ideas, but you don’t know which one of these will be well received. 

A/B testing works the same way, it is a way you can test which one of your emails tends to be more click-worthy & impactful.

Setting a cadence

Setting up the frequency and timing of your emails. Sending out too many emails can not only cause annoyance, but it can also make your message lose its worth.

Email Marketing Analytics

With the help of email marketing analytics, we can gain meaningful insights to strengthen your email strategy. This includes statistics related to open rates, CTRs, and unsubscribers.

Carefully implemented email marketing practices can help you increase your conversion rates faster!

Email Marketing - The Magic Room

The Meetup

A virtual meet-up is set between you, and our manager so you can tell us all about your brand and the product/service you want your potential clients to know about. 

While you do that, the manager will explain to you how things will work on our end.

Brainstorm Session

Based on your conversation with the manager, our creative team will do their due diligence and devise an email marketing strategy that works best with your brand image.

Email Marketing Strategy

At this point, we will share the email marketing content and visuals for your final approval. 

You can make suggestions or recommend changes if anything needs to be updated.

The Try-Outs 

After the final touch-ups, we will perform the A/B testing to see which email will work the best for you. 

Based on the test results, we will move toward the final step. 

The Blast off

Once everything is at its best, the automated emails are sent out


To see how well your business is doing, we can provide you with a monthly report of your open rates, CTRs, etc.

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