People in olden days have spent days in research and gathered testimonials to declare something special and unique in order to sell it.

Fortunately, our generation has broken off the shackles of mediocrity and experienced an upgrade when it comes to marketing. 

The digitalization of our world has brought fascinating changes to the way we project and consume things.

From merely using the internet for fun and games, we have indeed come a long way.

Today, the perception of life without an internet device is unimaginable.

Especially for the use of medical emergencies, due to which the usage of the internet is higher than ever! 

 72% of US adults have claimed to use the internet to search their medical issues before consulting a doctor.

Causing a record-breaking spike in the telehealth graphs.

Not only this, this much practiced custom has taken the spotlight in the marketing world, changing the way businesses rank – with the help of SEO.

SEO in the healthcare system holds the same importance as in any other business, maybe more. 

Developing an SEO strategy as you start your business can not be stressed enough! 

Consider investing your precious time and money in a healthcare facility only to see minimal website & foot traffic. 

This not only affects your business in the present time but also has a long term disadvantage in the form of lower ROIs. 

Not to worry!

We understand the complications that surround the healthcare sector.

Unlike other businesses healthcare content is bound by the YMYL algorithm by google, that can cause complications in its SEO. 

Due to this, healthcare SEO requires remarkable attention to detail to successfully achieve – capturing and converting of clients.

Being a quality SEO company in San Jose, we hire industry experts who dig  deep into the technicalities, with years of experience of successful optimizations and backlink attachments. 

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As an active internet user, we spend most of our day swiping our phone screens. 

From online shopping to online grocery, we have been accustomed to find solutions for everything online. 

With this technological progression, a few marketing tactics have been set in place to make our lives easier by sorting out the best online options available for us. 

As more and more people search for services with the words,  ‘near me’ , our web browser tracks down the local signals from our devices to provide us with region based services

Healthcare industry requires the same marketing strategy to appear in the search results. 

It won’t be an understatement to say that the success of your healthcare facility primarily depends on the number of people visiting your business, online and in-person

If your business is not easily found by patients when they search for medical services in a particular area, it could mean that your website lacks local SEO.

Creating a google business profile is not enough when it comes to the healthcare sector since healthcare content is treated and ranked differently by Google due to YMYL.

Which can cause complications in its SEO. 

That means, you need to be mindful about the digital marketing agency you pick. 

Why choose us? 

As the top San Jose local seo company, Marketing Wind has been delivering excellent ROIs to a number of renowned healthcare facilities in San Jose.  

Our ocean wide knowledge of local seo for the medical industry has resulted in statistics showing a remarkable increase in SERP impressions

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All businesses in the world are accustomed to using digital marketing tools in order to stand out.

Healthcare industry is no different! 

Although, digital marketing for the healthcare industry isn’t as convenient as any other business.

For successful marketing, your agency must be aware of the rules and regulations set in place for caregivers and patients.

To get more visitors, businesses turn toward PPC services.

PPC campaigns allow patients to directly visit your website, thus causing an increase in your online traffic.

It is the best marketing tool that allows your healthcare facility to reach out to patients in need of medical services.

PPC campaigns are not only scalable, they also offer outstanding ROIs given that the conversion rate is high. 

Why choose us?

Marketing Wind  has a great record of running various high return paid traffic campaigns for renowned  healthcare businesses in San Jose. 

Don’t believe us? 

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Undoubtedly, the use of social media in the past few years has increased drastically.

Around 3.96 billion social media users have been recorded as of 2022 and the numbers are just adding!

One thing is certain, a business can not survive and stay ahead of its competition unless it has a vibrant social media presence.

This same practice is observed in the healthcare sector. 

It has become a custom for patients to search even the tiniest of symptoms online before actually consulting a doctor.

This is why the telehealth graphs have shown a distinct spike over the course of years.

A significant amount of patients think highly of a healthcare facility if it has a good social media presence and reviews.

Imagine owning a great healthcare facility with all its accouterments, but still suffering at the hand of mediocre social media marketing.

Sounds unjust!

Let your business have its light bulb moment!

Allow us to show you how! 

Our Social Media Marketing team at Marketing Wind has been catering to the healthcare sector for years! 

Being a leading  San Jose social media marketing agency, we use specialized marketing strategies, mindful content  and picturesque aesthetics to keep the clients occupied. 

We maintain your social media presence by reaching out, connecting, and engaging with your targeted audience on all social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and many more. 

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We are a catastrophe of this world where it feels like fishing for someone’s attention is more difficult than actually catching a fish.


Don’t you hate it when people leave you on read, or worse, ghost you?

Email Marketing presents people with the same dilemma, wouldn’t you agree?

Businesses claim, customer and clients often end up ignoring the emails.

Chances are, it is in response to cliche lengthy – boring – off the topic content.

Although, if you do manage to catch someone’s eye, email marketing can prove to be an extraordinary source of direct marketing!

Email marketing  allows you to directly communicate with your clients and deliver across your unique selling point.

It can work wonders! 

Same applies to the healthcare industry.

However, this particular industry has to embark on certain challenges in order to circulate and make its way.

If you end up with a marketing agency that is unbothered by HIPAA regulations and healthcare merchant certification, your healthcare practice could be at stake.

Sounds dicey! Doesn’t it?

Lawful execution of email marketing assures to deliver information to a huge targeted audience, all the while being light on the pocket and high on Return On Investments

Still confused?

As the notable San Jose healthcare email marketing agency, we dive deep into the minor details to ensure your email reaches the right consumers and entice them in the right way.

We have a great track record! 

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It’s enthralling how the world of digital marketing has come out of its cocoon and transformed into this exuberant form. 

As a matter of fact, we are able to witness its vibrant colors every now and then. 

Web analytics is one of the many fascinating features of digital marketing. 

It monitors the web data for the optimization of web usage along with gathering, analyzing and measuring it.  

Being a great tool for improving a website’s proficiency, its importance in the healthcare sector today, is highly recognized. 

Every healthcare website must use web analytics.

How does it serve?

It is a brilliant business measure that not only helps the doctor, but the patients as well. 

Based on what web analytics are capable of doing, web analytics specialists can help your healthcare center to attain high revenues by strengthening the user experience

Since web analytics involves data accuracy and security Issues, one must be mindful of choosing the right agency for the job! 

So what to do?

Let us give you a hand! 

Marketing Wind specializes in providing quality web analytics services to the healthcare sector in San Jose.

Along with analyzing the online activity of patients, we work on providing them with the best user experience that not only enhances your website traffic but also creates a meaningful presence for you online.




Web designing in the healthcare industry holds the same marketing weightage as in any other business. 

Moreso, unlike any other industry, the health sector interacts with patients on a higher level with its service time being 24/7. 

This puts the healthcare sector in a tough spot by expecting an outstanding user interface that’s easy to follow for the patients. 

Since Web designs provide patients with  information about  locality, working hours, special services and medical procedures along with their costs and the information about their respective doctors it is important to add an extra pinch of visuals to it. 

Keeping all this in mind, a healthcare website must ensure a seamless web design to best cater the needs of their patients for maximum support. 

Looking for someone to indulge themselves into the process? No need to look further! 

Marketing Wind web designers excel at creating visually appealing designs with remarkable UI/UX interface , offering the best user experience for patients. 

Our years of experience is what makes us confident!

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Every existing business has  come to terms with the power of SEO for brilliant business ranking. 

As the internet world advances, so do the algorithms that maintain a balance between high quality legitimate content and filler content. 

Search engine optimizations have been advancing businesses to gain more traffic, similarly, the initiation of power pages has gotten businesses competing for the top spot. 

For any business prospering to rank on the first page of Google, it becomes crucial to have an eye for detail and pay extra attention towards its content. 

As a rule of thumb, patients think of top search results as more reliable and excellent service providers.

So, it becomes imperative for all healthcare digital marketers to understand the constraints put in place by YLYM, for securing the top positions. 

With the help of backlinks from legitimate sources attached to your website, your ranking can significantly improve allowing your healthcare facility to  intensify its online presence. 

Still having doubts? Let us help you through your journey! 

If your healthcare facility is in need of more leads and a higher conversion rate, Marketing Wind hires expert SEO specialists that ensure top rankings, a significant boost in organic traffic and SERPs along with an increased revenue for your healthcare center. 

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