ChoicePoint is a committed addiction-treatment center. Their goal is to help patients rebuild a prosperous, happy, and addiction-free life, and make healthcare accessible to all. 

Through their telehealth services and outpatient addiction treatment programs, they aim to remove all the hurdles that might cause patients to delay their treatment.

ChoicePoint is proud to have treated clients from a variety of diverse backgrounds.

The Problem

ChoicePoint was facing several problems when it came to SEO. Furthermore, they had issues with the budget they were spending on ads and on gaining traffic.

For starters, the website was not receiving any organic traffic. It did not rank for any of its business keywords & most of all, there seemed to be a wall between them & the target audience.

Our Solution

We decided to accept the challenge head-on and support ChoicePoint with our years of SEO expertise.

The first thing we did was an SEO assessment of the website. This made it easier for us to pinpoint the exact key problems that were stopping the website from ranking.

We also did a comprehensive analysis of the backlinks. which assisted us in locating where the gap was.

Our aim was to Increase ChoicePoint’s growth & improve its ranks.

In our study, we came across some pertinent websites that we could use to request a link.

We also used a number of advanced SEO strategies to reach the target audience, this included working on the keywords & boosting the organic traffic.

In addition to all that, we used high-level social media tactics to market ChoicePoint across multiple platforms.


Today, ChoicePoint Health stands out as an industry leader, boasting an astounding collection of Over 20,000 Leads and an awe-inspiring revenue of $1,122,119.00.
Through Marketing Wind’s dedicated efforts, cost-effective strategies, and meticulous planning not only did ChoicePoint Health achieve exceptional web-traffic results, but it also reaped substantial financial benefits, saving a whopping $64.9K from its budget.
Ever since ChoicePoint Health’s website has earned remarkable acclamations and immense significance by ranking for industry-related keywords.

Benefits of SEO & Why Every Business Needs SEO

Without critical SEO every business faces problems when it comes to their growth, traffic, target revenue, ranking, content and even lead generation. 
These are the exact elements that are needed for a successful and profitable business.
Search engine optimization is the most important investment for any company that wants to grow better, stronger and increase the value of business.

What exactly do SEO experts do?

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