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SEO - What to expect

Keyword Research

The perfect balance of sweet and sour can make a dish irresistible, in the same way, a perfectly curated combo of keyword difficulty and high volume can help with your website’s SEO.

Multimedia Approach

If you think Google only uses content to rank a website, we’re going to have to get you thicker glasses!

Today, businesses are using all sorts of media (videos, gifs, images, etc.) to make sure people can find them one way or another! We can help you do the same, only in a better way!

Technical Auditing

When it comes to what you desire, speed holds the upper hand. Whether it’s waiting for your food at a restaurant or finding answers while you look up something online! 

It’s not just you, even Google appreciates speed as well!

Our regular technical audits can help make sure your websites are as quick as lightning. (NGL, that was an exaggeration. But you get the idea.)

Website Optimization

We understand that it’s hard to get picked up, especially when there’s so much competition out there. But don’t worry. We have a cure for that too! 

We can help you revive your website with all sorts of optimizations, this way you can rank better, and the chances of you getting picked up, increase. Significantly.

Engaging Content

When it comes to content, the key is to keep your audience engaged. Most people leave at the first sight of jargon. 

We make sure that words aren’t just thrown at people, rather they are understood & appreciated.

Competitor Analysis

Do you constantly keep a check on your competitors’ websites? We have something far better up our sleeve! 

We can get you real insights with a thorough competitor analysis, that can help you detect what you’re missing out on.

Linking Strategy

I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy… That is exactly how links work. (Well not exactly, but in layman’s terminology) Internal, outbound & back-linking can prove to be fruitful soil for your website.

SEO - The Magic Room

The Meet & Greet

We understand that understanding what goes behind the whole SEO whirlpool can be a little tacky.

This is why our first step includes our marketing manager talking to you about your expectations and goals with SEO.

The Lightening Round

Based on your goals and objectives, our SEO marketing team will devise a staggering plan that will give us a clear SEO  framework of how we will move further.

Magic Bullet 

Always remember how impactful your content can be! Words are the bullets that hit the consumers. 

If you need our assistance with your blog articles and other written stuff, we know how to reach your target audience using high-volume keywords.

Test the Waters 

When you cook a meal, do you just throw in all the materials and hope your dish will be ready? Of course not!

You need to keep an eye on how things are coming along and if any more spices need to be added.

Monthly website audits are also like peeking into your perfect website to see how well it is doing. We check your website for any slow pages, broken links & bugs and repair them instantly!

The Powder Room

Everything except Chris Evans has room for improvement!

If you feel like your website is in need of some touch-ups, or is losing its ranks, we can help you make it better. 

We’re good at revivals! (Except if it’s of the dead, then you’re on your own.)

Words Voyage

Content distribution should not be taken lightly. 

Your backlinks game should be as strong as Camille Vasquez’s arguments! After all, it’s Google you’re dealing with. 

We know how to get to the good stuff, (we won’t share the secrets) but we will do it for you. 


Reports are scary. Especially if they’re coming from your school or the hospital. 

But I promise you, you will like your monthly technical performance reports (after we’ve had our time with your website of course). 

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