According to a  study 72% of U.S adults claim to have looked for medical assistance online, before visiting their GP. 

The latest telehealth graphs, alone in the US, have been astronomically out of the world, especially after COVID.

It is indeed true that in the scuffle to find answers on our own, we asphyxiate Google with queries and that has become a major marketing tactic, also known as SEO

This climactic turn of events has had its impacts on the healthcare industry much like every other business in the US. 

SEO isn’t as simple as it may seem, from being an undervalued word, it has now become a crucial necessity, IF you want your business to succeed.

Honestly, there is nothing more cataclysmic than investing millions of dollars in your healthcare services when there’s no one walking through your doors. 

Distressing over the dropping ROIs and witnessing your competitors making it to the big leagues, has to be dispiriting. 

The good news is, there is a way out of this quicksand and in this scenario, we’re it

We understand the complications pertaining to the healthcare sector, especially the implications with Google’s algorithm of YMYL, its downfalls and drawbacks. 

Healthcare SEO requires exceptional attention to detail, acquiring special resources can facilitate the process of capturing and converting for your facility. 

Our SEO specialists are industry experts, with years of experience, diving deep into the technicalities with an ocean wide knowledge of optimizations and backlinks, we know how to rank your healthcare services unlike any other marketing agency. 

So if your healthcare facility is in need of leading SEO services in Los Angeles, Marketing Wind is your golden ticket! 

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Aren’t we all looking for quick fixes for everything to save time? 

Quickest – Fastest – Nearest 

Similarly, instead of searching for the best in the city, we always opt for the best “near me” searches.

This is exactly why search engines have become more reliant on tracking local signals to facilitate users with concise ‘regional’ results. 

It has been observed that as a common practice, consumers choose services that fall in Google 3 Pack, which means, the top queue.

Healthcare sector is no different!

As a healthcare service provider, your success primarily depends on the number of patients  getting through your door. 

If your medical services do not pop on instantly when a patient searches for their symptoms, it could indicate a huge gap between your web development and latest SEO constraints. 

Isn’t that the whole point of creating a Google business profile? So that your patients can easily locate you and make the most of your website? Well not everything is that simple! 

You can not just do the bare minimum and expect tumbling foot traffic. Trust me! A good investment goes a long way here. 

Anyone who is aware of the YMYL algorithm, understands that SEO for the healthcare sector isn’t just the same. 

Considering these implications, one thing is certain, only a highly qualified marketing agency who knows its way around the healthcare sector can liberate you. 

So, If you are a medical practitioner and the shortage of time or availability hinders you from managing your website’s SEO, Marketing Wind has been successfully delivering outstanding ROIs to a number of healthcare facilities including some of the top ranking US clinical labs in Los Angeles. 

We have years of experience with profitable local seo campaigns designed specially to cater the medical community.

If you want to know what you can do to take your business to the next level, we’re willing to give you a peek, with a free consultation! 

Not to brag, but our latest data shows a remarkable increase in SERP impressions! 

And we could do the same for you!


pay per click services in Los Angeles

All industries need a little push to stand out and be recognized in this multiverse of existing businesses. 

Healthcare industry is no different! 

In fact, comparatively, the headlock competition and healthcare restrictions implemented by HIPAA, has sent the digital marketers serving this industry down a bumpy road. 

To be a legitimate healthcare marketer, one lives off being insightful about laws and regulations, along with the art of retargeting & healthcare merchant certification, for devising a successful marketing strategy.

Unlike getting visitors at your home, getting visitors on your websites is not an easy boat to row, which is why businesses like healthcare, turn towards PPC

Coming to the Pay Per Click services, PPC in the healthcare industry serves to drive considerable traffic towards your websites. 

We can say it is one of the best advertising tools to make yourself shine in the eyes of medical lurkers a.k.a the prequalified 

Apart from being scalable, PPC campaigns have been found to be high on the revenues as well, since they lead a seamless audience right at your doorstep. 

Successful capturing and converting, who doesn’t want that, right? 

So, If your healthcare facility is tired of finding the right pay per click services in Los Angeles, Marketing Wind is your white horse, cause we will take you places. 

We have a panglossian record of running multiple high return paid traffic ventures for the healthcare business. 

Don’t believe us? Try us! 


top healthcare email marketing companies in Los angeles

We’re all stuck in this wicked digital era of aimless content consumption, instantaneous visualizations and riffling where grabbing someone’s attention demands nothing less than for you to sweat a brow. 


IF you somehow manage to keep your emails out of the spam folder, Kudos! 

Email marketing is undoubtedly, categorically a good source of directly communicating with your audience, given they resonate with your content and comprehend your unique selling point. 

The Healthcare industry is no different, just as any other enterprise, they also need to embark on this adventurous venture of  ‘email marketing’ to get through their audience and make a difference.

However, the challenges that Healthcare sectors endure to get to that point are calamitous

If your marketing agency is unaware of the complications of HIPAA regulations or healthcare merchant certification, your healthcare practice could be in the wrong hands. 

Not to scare you off, the rules and laws directing to the compliance of HIPAA must be treated in a godly manner.  

They’re there and they can’t be ignored! 

So, doing it all correctly, can give you a taste of paradise. 

Rightful implementation of email marketing ensures to deliver paramount information to a vast targeted audience, all the while being cost effective and high on ROI

Still wondering how?

As the renowned Los Angeles healthcare email marketing agency, we mine data and generate prospective leads to reach the right consumers who are in need of medical consultancy

We’ve been doing it for years! 

Which is why we’re glad to call ourselves one of the top healthcare email marketing companies in Los angeles.


web analytics specialists in Los Angeles

You know what’s the deal with the bermuda triangle, right?

Things seem to disappear when they approach the said place. 

Honestly, it has taken scientists years to derive bewildering analogies and vaguest argumentations as to what goes into this enigmatic whirlpool. 

Well data analytics is somewhat similar to this whole concoction. 

Zettabytes of data flows through our websites! Saying it is one thing, comprehending it, is a remarkable task. 

And to actually utilize & visualize this data to benefit your website, hauntingly beautiful

Web Analytics is a cardinal aspect of digital marketing that can not be placed second, when it comes to marketing strategies. 

However, the game does change when you take the healthcare industry into consideration. 

Imagine investing a million dollars to run your business, now imagine all that coming down to bad reviews, dreadful user experience and lost data. 

Feels drastic, right?

This could happen, if you do not tackle the analytics for your website accurately.

Well it could all be avoided. 

Web analytics in healthcare sectors are aimed at  improving patient care and experience, this data utilization makes it easier for the patients to benefit from the healthcare services. 

It can not be stressed enough that healthcare facilities look for the right web analytics specialist, especially since they’re dealing with extremely sensitive patient data.

Not all marketing agencies understand the needs of the healthcare sector. 

But we do! 

Marketing Wind, hires preeminent healthcare web analytics specialists in Los Angeles

Allowing you to promote your business by determining the benefits, costs and efficacy of your websites along with an improved patient experience and convenience


best healthcare social media marketing company in Los Angeles

There are  3.96 billion social media users around the globe as of 2022!

We have come to terms with being social media mongers in search of consuming content. 

A vast majority of our population acquires knowledge about products or services through the usage of social media.  

There’s a reason they say, the power of social media can not be ignored. 

According to a study, 73% of business owners believe that social media has served the role of a superhero  for their businesses.

Industries have  excessively started to rely on these platforms for the steady growth of their businesses. 

So, businesses that are able to maintain a good social media presence have been known to strive and stay ahead of their competition.

With this pace of social media consumption, the telehealth graphs have shown a remarkably exponential growth. 

More than 60% of patients consider a hospital or healthcare facility after they’ve analyzed its social media presence and inspected their reviews. 

If your healthcare facility is running an amazing business but lacks the social media presence it deserves, you’re being unfair. 

Your business has the potential to make its mark.

Don’t believe it ? Let us show you! 

Our Social Media team at Marketing Wind uses technical marketing strategies, illuminating resources and seamless visuals to appeal to the audience. 

Being the best healthcare social media marketing company in  Los Angeles, we help grow your  businesses by reaching out, connecting, and engaging with the targeted audience on all social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and many more. 

Marketing Wind, providing healthcare sectors with quality social media marketing services in Los Angeles!


medical web designing to Los Angeles

Well, they do say, don’t judge a book by its cover. 

But the reality is, we still do. 

Human brains are wired to judge things based on their appearance, and that is a fact!

In the same way, visuals are the first point of interaction when consumers visit a website.

Where the information seems difficult to consume, the visualization always drags the customers in. 

A bit tacky, and it’ll drive your customer away. 

So is the case with the healthcare industry, where the service time lasts 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the traffic has to be considerable. 

So, It becomes imperative to focus on web designing, so patients can have a user-friendly experience and find what they’re looking for without being appalled. 

If you’re investing heavily towards maintaining your business, but missing out on this much needed makeover, we’ve got the right tools to help you. 

Marketing Wind’s designers are proficient  in bringing your ideas to life.

We transform your thoughts into a living reality and display your services in an enlightening way.

With an excellent command over UI & UX , our designers use contemporary styles and animations that POP and bring out the best features of your website whilst keeping the consumer occupied . 

Marketing Wind offers outstanding medical web designing to Los Angeles.


medical web designing to Los Angeles

You know how ‘first come first served’ works? 

Consumers almost always go for the top searches, since they appear to be veritable, reliable and legitimate. 

So the businesses that do not end up in the top ranks, are at a long haul! 

Coming to the healthcare sector, it would mean that the top ranked  healthcare facilities generate more traffic and produce more consumers.

The question is, how do they do that? 

Well power pages are strategically designed content that is bound to end up on the top ranks, thus increasing your website’s traffic. 

And for that to happen, you must have a deep understanding of YLYM, since Google entertains healthcare content differently. 

So, If you want your healthcare facility to rank on the first page of google when searched, you’ve come to the right place. 

We offer amazing power page services to the healthcare industry in  Los Angeles.

Our experts help your site become authentic by attracting backlinks and strategically compiling data that encourages more social media shares.