Growing up in the digital age, we are inclined to use the internet to get a medical diagnosis before visiting our doctors.

Somehow, looking up our symptoms instead of visiting a hospital seems to save us a lot of time. 

Considering technological advancement, we all find it is easier to search the best medical practices around us with just a few clicks.

This convenient practice was taken to the next level with SEO becoming a vital part of digital marketing. 

If a business wishes to strive and stand out from its competition, it’s imperative that special effort, time and investment goes out to its SEO.

As the majority of us are consuming medical content online, this pace of medical content consumption gives healthcare facilities an amazing chance to take a spot in the top ranks of Google, with the help of SEO.

As healthcare businesses require a lot of time and money to build and prosper over time, nothing would be more devastating than to see all this effort go to vain because of a mediocre online presence. 

One of the best ways you can hope to achieve high returns on investments is if patients are easily able to find you online.

This will not only build a meaningful presence for you online, but also increase your foot traffic and positive reviews.

Healthcare SEO does come with a little twist.

An algorithm introduced by Google, known as YMYL, does not process healthcare content as it does others. 

In addition to that, for having a brilliant online presence, your marketing agency must be aware of HIPAA rules and regulation, online certifications, acquiring special resources  and legitimate backlinking techniques. 

Now where do you find someone who checks all the boxes in this list?

Simple, Marketing Wind.

Yes, our years of experience in the medical marketing field has allowed us to find brilliant insights.

Our successful track record shows a significant increase in online traffic of some of the renowned healthcare facilities in San Francisco.

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Years from now, no one could have imagined where the internet would take us.

We are living in an era where everyone – from kids to adults to grandparents, every individual seems to be glued to their screens.

As the majority of adults use these internet devices to find best services near them, the businesses use this information for meaningful marketing tools.

Despite the type of business, the dependence on its purposeful online presence is deemed extremely necessary.

Businesses with a lower ranking and subpar reviews, fail to even reach the consumers.

This progression has led businesses to invest heavily in local SEO.

For local SEO, our search engines track the local signals to reach the targeted audience.

If for some reason, your business does not show up in the local searches,you are not only missing out on your potential customers, it means your investments are not watering the right plants.

This could be a result of a gap between your  web development and local SEO.

Healthcare industry depends on these same marketing tools.

Patients find it easier to visit healthcare facilities in their own vicinity.

So the facilities that lack an online presence or local search visibility could easily lose a lot of prospective patients and positive reviews.

This can result in a lower ROI, dropped merit and minimal recognition for your facility.

Moreso, choosing a healthcare digital agency requires you to find someone with the knowledge of HIPAA rules and regulation, YMYL algorithm, healthcare merchant certifications,special resources  and legitimate backlinking techniques  so your business remains in safe hands.

Wondering where you will find such a mindful agency?

We’ve got you.

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Ever since the era of digital marketing, businesses all around the world have been using various digital marketing tools to drive traffic to their websites. 

Where most people opt for SEO for organic traffic, another tool allows you to lead potential clients right to your website for a paid click

PPC – Pay Per Click services have been vastly used by all businesses that wish to increase their traffic.

Just like any other business, the importance of PPC in the healthcare sector is also noteworthy. 

This highly useful marketing tactic leads patients right to your website. 

Conversion rates with PPC campaigns have proved to significantly improve the ROIs.

The benefits of PPC campaigns have become the sole reason why healthcare businesses are investing heavily in it. 

So what do we offer that’s different from others?

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With certified experts on board we have been creating and managing a variety of PPC campaigns for the healthcare sector.

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In this fast changing world, grabbing someone’s attention requires some extra effort.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Standing out, being heard – almost feels like a challenge.

Businesses have been striving to reach their targeted audience one way or another.

Email marketing plays the same role.

It allows you to directly communicate with your clients.

Makes it possible to send your personalized message to a vast audience.

And most of all, compared to other digital marketing tools, it is cost efficient.

Unlike the rest of the businesses, attracting people to healthcare content is a bit complicated.

Boring visuals, lack of interesting content – same old services & deals to keep you occupied are enough to exhaust the patient away.

So what do you do differently to make the patients stay?

You hire us!

We assure you, with our email marketing services you will manage to get through your clients making email marketing extremely beneficial.

We create fantastic seamless visuals followed by creative, peer reviewed content so your patients don’t skim!

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Web analytics for any business website plays a crucial role.

Just like in a domino, every piece matters, in the same way, every click on the website holds significant value.

Web Analytics are a great way to improve your website’s user experience.

It’s an amazing business metric that allows you an insight on how customers utilize your website.

Web analytics can prove to be extremely useful for the healthcare sector.


It’s beneficial for both the patients and the caregivers.

Allowing to observe the pattern in which patients visit a website, the pages they interact with and the services they’re interested in, allows web analytics specialists to work on providing patients with a better user experience.

This can improve the number of patients visiting your website thus increasing your online and foot traffic, ultimately causing higher revenues.

Since web analytics involve sensitive patient data, one should be mindful of data accuracy issues and data security Issues as well.

So what to do?

Marketing Wind ensures patients have the best interaction with your websites.

We have web analytics specialists that work on improving the quality of your website by observing the patient interaction behavior.

Our strategic steps can help your website reach its full potential.




Statistics show the increase in social media users every single day in the US alone.

This diversion of audience has led social media to become the new online market space.

Every business that has conquered the physical world has maintained their online presence in the same way.

Investing huge amounts of money to attract the target audience and entertaining them has become the new trend.

Any business that strives to be successful needs to understand the importance of an engaging online presence.

Social media marketing in the business world has also turned over a new leaf.

The number of consumers engaging with medical content online has never been this high before, the undeniable rise in telehealth graphs evidently proves this.

Social media for the healthcare sector can prove to be extremely beneficial for both patients and caregivers.

Since it is a great platform for educating the masses, raising consciousness and stopping misinformation.

How can you become one of the top recognized healthcare facilitators?

Let us help you get there!

Our content comes straight from the most legitimate sources , handled by the industry professionals and doctors, resulting in contented consumers! 

As one of the most innovative  digital marketing agencies, Marketing Wind offers you premium  social media marketing in San Francisco.

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Our social media marketing experts can help your healthcare facility to maintain an essential online presence by reaching out, connecting, and engaging the targeted audience on all social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and many more.



User experience and visuals in a website have always had a major role to play in keeping the consumers occupied.

Businesses that offer great physical customer experience but lack a user friendly website lose half of their potential clients.

Whereas, many businesses only strive solely on their websites.

Similarly, as more and more people consume medical information online, the healthcare sector has increased its margin of growth significantly.

Web designing in the healthcare sector serves as an amazing feature that can keep the patient engaged.

Not to mention, visuals can cause a longer retention!

Since the traffic on healthcare websites is always active, medical communities should spend reasonable time, effort and investment on making their websites more appealing.

So for something that can be a direct source of more visitors and conversions – one must opt for the best in town!

Marketing Wind offers an amazing UI/UX interface that is not only catchy, but also caters to the best user experience.

We offer creativity and authenticity in our designs.

Our web designing process includes full transparency with the clients.



One thing is certain.

Knowledge is power!

The value of good conscious knowledge in digital marketing can never be underestimated.

Especially when we talk about the healthcare sector.

Statistics claim that 80% of US adults seek medical assistance online before visiting a hospital.

This implies that the information available online plays a huge role in the well being of people.

Since the information reaching patients may or may not be verified, Google ranks this content differently, which falls under YMYL.

This algorithm does not allow weak and unofficial data to see the screen time.

With this implication, for the content to be share worthy,  healthcare digital marketing agencies must produce quality content adhering to this algorithm.

To ensure good content one must be aware of the right backlinks and HIPAA regulations to attract the right readers on your website.

As the majority of patients always click on the top search results, Power Page Search Engine Optimization can make your website gain the recognition it deserves. 

This whole charade has led businesses to increase their audience by producing quality content. 

How can you do the same?

Marketing Wind uses strategic tactics to produce content that is not only well researched, but also facilitates SEO.  

Our content comes from medical experts that have been in the industry for a significant amount of time!